Oxshott Village Day is a non-profit event aiming to provide a sense of community for Oxshott Village, and a low-cost opportunity for local clubs, societies and businesses to gain publicity.  

Each year excess funds, if any, are donated to a local charity.  A financial summary is provided on this website (click here).  At the end of 2017, Oxshott Village Day has donated a total of £23,100 to local charities.

Oxshott Village Day has no political or religious affiliation and is not connected with any political party.

It was started in 2008 by Carmen Robinson, who previously was Chairlady of Oxshott Christmas Fair for 5 years.  The first year was organised by Carmen and Bob Gasston, then manager of Oxshott Village Sports Club (OVSC). Seed finance of £2000 was generously provided by FEDORA.  OVSC kindly allows the use of their sports grounds for the event.

In 2009, Margaret Pick joined the team and provided support for several years.  

Subsequently, until 2017, Graham Tillotson and Felicity Bond organised the publicity and PR, Lesley Foster organized the raffle, and Christina van Roest organised the entrance desks.  They have now retired from the team and we are looking for volunteers to replace them in those roles.  Peter Wall and his wife Jean organise the finances, replacing Malcolm and Mary Bond who worked with us for several years; Peter Foster takes care of Safety and Risk; Vernon Bond is responsible for Security.  Everyone multitasks and provides lots of support before and on the day, and we all have a good time.  Other volunteers provide assistance with setting-up in the morning, and clearing-up at the end of the day. This is truly a community event, organised with the volunteer assistance of people from the village.  

If you would like to join the team and work with us, please contact us through any of the links on this website.

We hope that Oxshott Village Day will be able to continue providing a great day out for residents of Oxshott, for many years.

Mail: info@oxshottvillageday.com?subject=Oxshott Village Day
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